What will change with BREXIT in 2020?

 Unless you have been living in a cave, or are the creative type like my mother, you must have noticed that the UK has now formally left the European Union. This makes 2020 a transition year.

And believe it or not, during this transition the UK will still have to obey all the EU rules – and even continue to pay money to the EU! In other words, despite all the recent panic in the press, most things will stay the same at least until 31 December 2020!

Here are our top three favourite things that will stay the same in 2020. These are our favourites because it means all our EXSELLme clients can continue to travel to London with us just as before. No change whatsoever!

1. Travel

Flights, boats and trains will operate as usual and the UK nationals and EU nationals will be treated the same at border control. So at passport control this summer, we will all still be queueing together in the same line and there will be no difference between British and other European passports, driving licences and pet passports. Check out for yourself when you get to your EXSELLme stay in London this summer!

2. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

EHICs will still be valid during the transition! You can still continue to travel to London with EXSELLme and use your EHIC to receive state-provided medical treatment in case of illness or accident.

3.  Living and working in the  EU

And if you were so enchanted by the UK after exploring it with EXSELLme this summer that you wished to try living and/or working in the UK for a little longer, that would still be ok in 2020!


The color : To be honest, the most visible change will be the fact that the British passports will change colour!


Blue British passports were replaced in 1988 with the burgundy design. And these old blue passports will be making a return after 30 years+! The new colour will be phased in over a number of months, with all new passports issued in blue by the middle of the year. So look out for these “new” old blue designs when you get to passport control this summer for your EXSELLme English Immersion.

Special Brexit coins : About 3 000 000 commemorative 50p (50 pence) Brexit coins bearing the date “31 January” and the inscription: “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations”, have just entered circulation. Look out for these limited edition 50p coins when you join EXSELLme for your language stay this summer!

Funny story: The coins had to be re-made after Brexit was delayed. First, the British government had planned to introduce this coin on 31 October 2019, the date Brexit was previously meant to happen. And then all those coins produced for October had to be melted down and recycled after the deadline was extended to the end of January 2020!

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  1. admin

    remember that 2020 is basically a TRANSITION year with everything remaining pretty much as is. so do not be afraid to travel and above all use this year as an opportunity to discover England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland!


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