What Our Students Say

Here are some thoughts and reflections on our coaching method from some of the non-native speakers of English we have helped in the past. These are current and former employees of the following organisations:

Testimonials in French

“Actuellement en recherche d’emploi, je n’hésite pas à contacter Varvara pour m’aider à rédiger une lettre de motivation ou pour m’entraîner à préparer mes entretiens d’embauche en anglais. Elle-même issue du milieu bancaire et ayant travaillé à l’international, elle a pu également m’apporter des éléments d’informations sur le déroulement d’entretien d’embauche à la mode «anglo-saxonne».”
“La méthode d’enseignement est innovante et dynamique, basée sur des exemples concrets de mise en situation (dans un aéroport, réunions de présentation, parler devant une assemblée, entretien d’embauche…). Varvara est à l’écoute et attache une grande importance aux besoins précis du stagiaire. Le contact est facile. J’ai un grand plaisir à me perfectionner à ses côtés, et les résultats sont probants.”

Testimonials in English

“Powerful training. Varvara is full of energy and her teaching approach is definitly innovative. What quickly became apparent to me was the clear improvement of my language fluency, which now makes me feel so comfortable during important meetings. Varvara helped me improve my communication skills in English, so that I can be more clear and direct in my professional dealings. In addition, my working relationships have been reinforced in the context of the international projects I’m in charge of abroad.”
Alive courses with a dynamic teacher who pushes you to speak more and more. Good balance between exercises and “creative” speaking. This teacher knows very well how to adapt herself to the level of her students even within a group and keep a good balance in the speaking time of each one. Courses after courses there is a well structured progression (in grammatical concepts) and an increasing difficulty. I recommend her highly!”
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