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General Terms & Conditions

  • — Please note that while there is no particular lower or upper limit on booking your English session with Varvara and her replacement teachers at EXSELLme, you need to make sure that if you are under-age you must have your parents’ or legal guardian’s permission to do so.
  • — Payments are taken at the time of booking.
  • — Paying for the service makes your attendance compulsory. Should you miss your class for any reason, no refund will be offered by EXSELLme. If you are booking in France and wish to use your CPF account to pay towards your English classes, you must sign the attendance sheet for all the scheduled classes, including those you have attended and those you have missed, whatever the reason.
  • — By accepting your payment, EXSELLme is under the obligation to provide you with the English language service you have purchased. 
  • — Please note that EXSELLme will not provide any additional services free of charge. In order to consult with EXSELLme on your English language progress further, you must formally purchase an additional class or service.
  • — EXSELLme HQ is in France but the operations are both in London and France. London is predominantly used for EXSELLme English Language Immersion weeks.
  • — Please show up on time for your planned service time. 
  • — EXSELLme products and services are generally non-refundable. No returns. No exchanges. However, please consult our Cancellation Policy for more details. 
  • — As stated before, minors under the age of 18 are allowed to book our products and services, however, please note that while there is no particular lower or upper limit on booking your English session with Varvara and her replacement teachers at EXSELLme, you need to make sure that if you are under-age you must have your parents’ or legal guardian’s permission to do so. It is your responsibility to obtain that permission. Your booking an English class with EXSELLme indicates you have obtained that permission from your parent or legal guardian.
  • A note on English Immersion – Payments: In some special cases, EXSELLme may agree to accept a non-refundable deposit as proof of reservation, followed by payment in full 6 months prior to your stay. These special cases are limited to those clients applying for visas to the UK and waiting for the Consulate’s decision. Please speak to us in advance about the payment options and timelines. We will be happy to find the most suitable solution for your needs. Please do not hesitate to explain your circumstances and exact needs in order for us to help you manage your visa application. 
  • A note on English Immersion – UK Visa Applications: Please note that we can provide the standard letter of invitation for your training to present to the UK Embassy or Consulate at the time of your visa application as proof of reservation.
  • A note on English Immersion – Travel: Please note that travel to and from your stay is entirely at your expense. 
  • A note on English Immersion – Meals etc: Breakfast is included in some stays, as stated on the relevant product description pages. Spa, Gym, Swimming Pool and half-Board or Full-board are available on selected stays. Please remember to book your own travel and health insurance. If you have any allergies or other medical conditions, please let us know in advance. We are able to accommodate most allergies such as dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, egg-free, wheat-free etc for breakfast. And London is a great place for most diets. Please let us know in advance, however, so that we can help you better manage your stay in London. 
  • A note on English Immersion – Disability: We take your comfort and safety very seriously. Please also note that step-free access is available for many rooms and classrooms but we need to know in advance whether you require wheelchair access to facilities in order to book the most suitable facilities for you.
  • A note on English Immersion – Attendance etc: Please note that for all EXSELLme Immersion programs in the UK, you will be expected to attend both classroom sessions and practicals all over London. In addition, homework will be given every day and EXSELLme would encourage you to complete all the tasks that are part of your homework in order to ensure you progress as fast as you reasonably can. We ask you to be prepared to put in the work and effort and a lot of motivation – and guarantee your progress if you meet these requirements. 
  • A note on English Immersion – Extras: Please feel free to get in touch with us in the weeks prior to your stay with us for your free language assessment and to receive tips on how you can best prepare yourself for the English program in London. In addition to the standard sessions, please note that you can also prepare for your TOEIC or BRIGHT test of English with us in London. Please get in touch to enquire about the details of this option as tests must be booked in advance with the relevant authorities. EXSELLme will be happy to integrate English test preparation into your English Immersion program in London if enough prior notice is given.
  • EXSELLme is not responsible for any loss or theft of personal belongings.

EXSELLme Privacy Policy

  • — We would like to reassure our clients that all client data is safely stored in our database and will never be passed on to third parties willingly.
  • — EXSELLme stores client emails until the express request from that particular client to be removed from the email lists.
  • — In general, client emails are stored for the purpose of informing EXSELLme clients and disseminate information relevant to our current and future products and services.
  • — We do not allow any third parties to access the client emails we store for information and marketing purposes.
  • — EXSELLme may permit the analysis of client data by another professional, without giving out client contact details. 
  • — Please be informed that you can request deletion, update and access to all personal data we keep about you, our client.
  • — These deletion and update requests will be treated as soon as practicably possible.
  • — Our client emails and any other client information we may come about are all password protected and the use of that data is restricted. 
  • — If you get onto our email list, you can expect to receive information from us on any on-going and future offers, promotions, products, services and events inter alia. You may also receive general notifications concerning EXSELLme appointments. In addition, you may sometimes be asked for your feedback concerning EXSELLme products and services. 
  • — For data storage, we use mainly Google services, however, we also use the relevant plugins in WordPress linked to our website, as well as the SimplyBook.me system (please refer to their Privacy policy on their website).
  • — Please contact the relevant personal data protection authorities in Europe if you have any concerns about the use of your data.
  • — In the unlikely event of a possible break into our data storage system or the loss of client data, EXSELLme will attempt to notify our clients as soon as practicably possible.

EXSELLme Cancellation Policy

  • Please show up on time for your individual booked appointment. Your time slot will be held by EXSELLme for the duration equal half of the duration of the regular session – in most cases, that equals to half an hour, before being considered as forfeited, with an opportunity given to another client to place and execute a last minute booking. Please note that EXSELLme English Immersion weeks in London are exempt from this rule. 
  • For all English Immersion in London and English All-Inclusive breaks in France, you are expected to attend all the sessions planned by the teacher. Should you be late, the rest of the class will not be expected to wait prior to commencing that day’s exercises and activities.
  • For all English language group sessions, those attendees who are late or miss their appointment altogether will still be liable to payment for that session.
  • — EXSELLme products and services are non-refundable. No returns. No exchanges. We operate a strict cancellation policy. 
  • Should you need to cancel your session, please be so kind as to inform EXSELLme immediately so that your time slot can be redistributed to another client on the waiting list. Please note, there will be no reimbursement of your cancelled session.
  • A note on English Immersion: Please note that we operate a strict cancellation policy for all our London stays and immersion weeks in France. That is to say, that any cancellations received less than 12 months prior to your intended stay with us in London are non-refundable. For our stays in Alsace, a 9- month cancellation policy applies instead of the usual 12 months.

EXSELLme Ethics Policy

The following statements are an expression of EXSELLme Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Here at EXSELLme we believe that we have a shared responsibility to our clients, students, colleagues, external providers and communities. 

First of all, honesty and integrity form the basis of EXSELLme interractions with our counterparties and internally.

Secondly, since ethical behaviour implies strict adherence to the laws and regulations, EXSELLme comply with the law and honour all our contracts which we consider legally binding.

In addition, please note that EXSELLme will not knowingly get involved with companies impeding human rights, aiding repressions, sponsoring dictatorships, engaged in fraudulent activities or aiding military regimes in their war effort.

Please also note that EXSELLme does not discriminate against any potential or current clients on the basis of race, colour, sex, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, intellectual ability, intellectual potential or age.

With respect to our competitors, EXSELLme ensures Fair and Ethical Competition based on mutual respect, cooperation and collaboration. We do not get involved in illegal or unethical business practices. 

Last but not least, here at EXSELLme we treat confidentiality as something of utmost importance. We will never pass on the information acquired in the course of the business to third parties. And we will treat anything our students wish to share with EXSELLme in their language sessions as Strictly Private & Confidential. Inter alia, this will help us avoid any potential conflict of interest and allow EXSELLme to teach both senior management and their junior members of staff in a manner that is ethical, correct, fair and non-discriminatory.

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