Royal Family Quirks


Royal families around the globe are loved by some and hated by others. In this blog article, let’s zoom in to the Royal Family Quirks that you may never have heard of. Our focus will be on the UK, of course! Enjoy this light reading on your break from work. Share these facts with your friends, colleagues and your loved ones. Discuss.

 Then think about this topic in a little more detail:


  • What do you think about the Royal Family?
  • Is it usually a burden for the country or a way to generate money for that country’s economy?
  • Do you have a Royal Family in your country?
  • Which of the quirks do you think are justified – and why?
  • And which do you think are part of the past and should be abolished?
  • What does your partner think?
  • And what about your children?
  • Do they agree or disagree with your point of view?
  • And when it comes to your colleagues, which quirks did they find most surprising – and why?


By all means, feel free to develop your own questions and discussion points. But no matter what your views are, read on for detailed facts from EXSELLme first!

1. No Voting!

In fact, members of the Royal Family in the UK are not allowed to vote. Understandably, this is mainly so as not to influence people’s opinions should the details of the vote become public knowledge. Instead, the Royal Family simply supports the ruling party.

Royal family quirks no voting

2. No Monopoly!

Please note that we only know about this one because someone tried to give the trading game, Monopoly, to a member of a Royal Family recently. Then everyone was surprised to hear that since things might get a little heated, members of the Royal Family are not allowed to play that game. So sad…

Royal Family quirks no monopoly

3. No Fur!

Officially, Edward III declared it back in the 12th century. So no one is meant to wear fur. However, this is one rule that many members of the Royal Family, including the Queen, tend to bend slightly.

Royal family quirks no fur

4. No Shellfish!

Since so many people experience allergic reactions, the Royal Family are asked to avoid eating shellfish by precaution. Of course, food poisoning is another likely outcome of eating shellfish that isn’t fresh. So whichever way you look at it, the monarch in the UK simply can’t enjoy shellfish.

Royal family quirks no shellfish

5. No Travelling Together!

This one is more of an old-fashioned tradition. And it was initially grounded in the belief that long-haul travel was very risky. These days, however, thanks to the advances in technology and the airline industry, travelling is considered much safer. So we are much more likely to spot a whole family of Royals stepping off the plane and onto the tarmac all together.

Royal family quirks No Travelling Together


6. No Eating After The Queen!

As a general rule, if you get to dine at the same table as the Queen, you must do as she does. And once she stops eating and puts down her knife and fork for good, you must also stop. Under no circumstances would you be allowed to continue to stuff your face with all the lovely delights of the Royal dinner table thereafter. Drool and dream. But do NOT pick up your knife and fork again. And this one is one of the strictest rules to follow. Simple courtesy or a rather dictatorial rule – you decide!

Royal Family Quirks No eat after the Queen


7. Christmas Together!

Come what may, the members of the Royal Family must get together for Christmas, wear those hideous jumpers and celebrate together. Only one Royal has ever broken this rule so far – Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. But only once. And that was already once too many!

Royal family quirks christmas together

7. No Kids!

Shockingly, the young Royal children are not allowed to have their Christmas meal at the same table as their parents. In fact, the kids’ table gets set up in a different room altogether! And it is their nanny who shares their Christmas meal with them, instead of their true family. Apparently, this is true for all the young children in the Royal Family – until that time when they have learnt the etiquette perfectly and can behave at the Royal table. And until then, no mummy or daddy – and definitely no Gran for Christmas!

Royal family quirks christmas together but no kids


Some Extras Just For You:

If you would like to know more about the British traditions, here is a lesson you can all try out at home. It is based on a fun Afternoon Tea video I recorded in London a couple of years ago that has been trending on my YouTube Channel. The great thing about TED ED is that you can post your comments directly online so that I can personally reply to you with my thoughts and corrections.

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How To Get Serious About Your English:

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Be inspired.


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