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Afin de vous aider à gérer votre charge de travail et votre motivation pendant cette période difficile de télétravail et de chômage partiel, nous avons mis en place 2 offres de formation en anglais. Il s’agit de cours d’anglais par téléphone d’une heure tous les jours pendant 1 à 2 semaines. Pendant la dernière séance, il sera possible de passer le test du TOEIC (séance de 2 heures). Vous pouvez vous inscrire directement dans votre espace, sur le site MonCompteFormation.

Offre 1 : 11 heures sur 2 semaines, en raison de 1 heure par jour, avec 2 heures de cours le dernier jour réservées au passage du test du TOEIC en ligne.

Offre 2 : 6 heures sur 1 semaine, en raison de 1 heure par jour, avec 2 heures de cours le dernier jour réservées au passage du test du TOEIC en ligne.

Please get in touch for more details. And all the best dealing with issues in these difficult times, stained by COVID-19.



Spend a week at the heart of London, working through English grammar and business case studies in formal seminars and on daily walks alike – with a choice of British culture, language practicals and the spa facilities before turning in.
Become a confident speaker – progress guaranteed!
Daily classroom sessions and practicals all over London with an experienced teaching team.

Job Interview Mock
Exam and Interview Preparation

This is a two-hour session held either independently of your language training or towards the end of the course, providing you with an opportunity to test yourself in a job interview environment that is as close to the real-life conditions as practicably possible.

In addition, EXSELLme will schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone session with you prior to your job interview.

Complimentary analysis of the job spec (skills and requirements, seniority level, interviewing manager, potential employer etc) is offered prior to the session by your mentor.

Feedback, action points, critical analysis (both language and behavior) and notes at the end of the session are also included.

Additional Services

Language Level Assessment and Developmental Analysis
CV and Cover Letter writing tutorials
Business English tutorials: spoken and written
Post-Interview De-briefing Sessions
Translation of reference letters and other papers related to job search and employment
With EXSELLme you will never sell yourself short.

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DIF France

Remember to use up all your DIF hours via CPF – before 31.12.2020 ! All DIF hours will be LOST thereafter…

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