It is the middle of 2020 and the balance of power in the world has shifted. It has moved away from the overwhelming culture of consumerism and towards the focus on the basics. And our individual priorities have shifted too. Covid-19 has forced the world into lockdown and now we are all left with the inevitable need to change.  

In the aftermath of the lockdown, we have to rethink our world and our actions, pretty much say goodbye to the old ways of thinking and doing things – and set ourselves new goals. Maybe you have always felt strongly about the community, maybe you are pro-UBER, or against pollution, or perhaps you simply like to get your online purchases delivered the next day. Whatever your views, change is inevitable and we will all have to adapt to the new reality. Read on for EXSELLme tips to help you deal with the Post-Confinement Era.


1. Treasure The Elderly

Treasure the eldery also the disadvantaged, the fragile and the less fortunate. They are the ones who have had the biggest COVID-19 scare and have been hit the hardest. So they are the ones who will take the longest to recover. So pick up the phone and call your parents, text your cleaning lady, buy a pound of lamb from the local butcher and free up your diary for that afternoon with the grandma. Every little helps, remember. You do not need to splash out to help. Often, it’s the thought that counts.Current research is focusing on the power of communities instead of shareholder value. So even businesses are realising that people matter and money… well not so much anymore. Food for thought: tomorrow this may be you. The elderly, the less fortunate, the most fragile… So think ahead and build those connections with people

2. Keep Up The Sports

You may have started during lockdown and remember to stretch out if you are still working from home! Just because you have to physically go back to work doesn’t mean you have to give up on your yoga class or the daily run. For those back pains from WFH (working from home) and sitting in uncomfortable less-than-ideal sofas and arm-chairs, check out – and follow! – some expert advice. No, Esther is not paying me to advertise her. I just genuinely wish we all started taking care of our backs.

3. Eat Well

The new trend amongst the top chefs in the UK and across Europe is cooking healthily using canned food. Oh yes – dig out that can of tuna and then another can of mackerel that have been sneaking around your food cupboard for years, literally, and get creative. Apparently, unlike the fresh and frozen fish, most of the fish that gets canned is actually caught in the wild so by definition it’s better quality. Bart van Olphen’s ideas have been amongst the most influential in the UK during lockdown – with even Jamie Oliver praising Bart as his ‘fish hero’ apparently!

And pretty please remember that losing weight is not all about restricting yourself. Making just a couple of healthy changes to your regular diet will go a long way.

4. An Intellectual Activity

such as learning languages or picking up any new skill might be another great way to help you take your mind off the problems at hand and give you that powerful sense of fulfillment from personal development. When it comes to EXSELLme, you can now book your online English sessions by the hour directly on Google, Facebook or Instagram.

5. Start Seeing People Again

in small groups, yes, preferably outdoors, but do go out there and restart living your life! Baby steps

6. Shift Your Focus to Long Term

any long term project such as gardening, building, learning, planning or travelling would do. Personally, planning for London Immersion 2021 for all my English students is in full swing. You can already start planning your next summer with us in London, whether you wish to perfect your English or merely have an opportunity to stroll around the British capital! Remember, Euro Football Cup 2020 has been postponed until the next year so you will still be able to catch some games at Wembley  or across the pubs in London if you hurry up.

7. Discover Online Learning

Here is a lesson you can all try out at home. It is based on a fun Afternoon Tea video I recorded in London a couple of years ago that has been trending on YouTube. The great thing about TED ED is that you can post your comments directly online so that I can personally reply to you with my thoughts and corrections. Feel free to discover the multitude of online learning opportunities such as TED Talks, TED ED, Mind Valley, Future Learn etc.

For additional sources of inspiration and ideas on how to deal with the post-confinement era, do not hesitate to ask your friends, family, colleagues and random strangers for their thoughts and opinions. After months of social distancing, you will be surprised how hungry everyone is to share their ideas and simply chat. 

For your summer reads, feel free to download some of our ebooks. Various editions from ‘The English Book Club Series’ and ‘The English Vocabulary Series’ are on Amazon now and those are perfect for light beach reading or in-depth studying. Make sure you set your country setting on Amazon to your current location. You don’t want your book to end up in California instead! 

By all means, feel free to get in touch with us if you wish to discuss this further and/or want to perfect your English. We run English classes for professionals in London and in France.  

Remember that you don’t need to sign up for a whole week in London with us to benefit from our personalised advice. Online Sessions by the hour are now available for booking directly on our Facebook page, Instagram and Google. Our regular individual English sessions are still running throughout the year and we are happy to combine face-to-face meetings with virtual online sessions. 

Be inspired.



  1. sacha

    a lot of food for thought. thank you!!

    • admin

      Glad you liked it, Sacha! Varvara at EXSELLme


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