Ways to Praise The People You Admire

 Let’s face it, praise vocabulary in English can be difficult. And depending on the situation, it can be tough to express admiration for the people that you really love and appreciate. So here are some tips from EXSELLme to help you out with this mammoth task of juggling between being frank and diplomatic. Please feel free to read through these then print them out and keep them handy. So that when the time strikes you will be ready to impress.

Remember, however, that your brain is just like any other muscle in your body. Meaning that it needs training in order to assimilate new information. And in this case, new words and expressions.

In other words, when it comes to languages, practice truly makes perfect. Above all, you must help your memory work for you by repeating the words and expressions you wish to remember over and over again. In other words, repetition is really the magic you are looking for when picking up a foreign language.

1. Outstanding

This is one of those super-words that you can use and abuse freely when praising the people themselves or their performance. Well done – the work you did on that project was outstanding! or simply She is outstanding! In other words, your praise vocabuary in English would really be incomplete without this word. So please remember it and practise using it!

2. A Hard Act To Follow

As dodgy as this expression sounds, it is actually one of the best ways to praise someone in the professional context. For example: “I’m slightly worried about taking over the team from Anna – she is a hard act to follow!” Can you think of other examples of sentences you can construct to praise someone using this expression?

3. Out Of This World

Please feel free to use this expression both for people and the experiences you have had with them. For example: “That lake we visited last summer was simply out of this world!” As you can see, this expression is used to give highest praise in English.

4. Second To None

If you are second to none, it simply means that there is no one in the world better than you. Or, in other words, that you are the best. For example: “Jessica is the best teacher I have ever had; she is second to none, really!” Do you know anyone who is second to none?

5. Ground-breaking

Whether it is their work or their ideas you are referring to, feel free to give this out left, right and centre for more impact. For example: “Professor Blake’s research was incredible – she has really done some ground-breaking work on this project!”

Parting Words on Praising in English:

That’s it for now. Please enjoy practising these words and expressions in real life. As you can see, you do not need formal English language sessions to better yourself and to brighten up someone else’s day.

However, should you wish to polish your English, we will be happy to see you in London for one of our English Language Immersion Weeks in summer – or simply organise some ZOOM sessions wherever you are in the world. Get in touch if need be.

Remember, in France you can get the CPF funding for all our professional training sessions!

Last but not least, here is a book you can read to enrich your praise vocabulary in English.


Be inspired.



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