5 Expressions with heart

From the world of beautiful English idioms and expressions, we thought we would focus on the good old HEART today. Mind you, some of these English expressions with HEART are fairly self-explanatory, while others are full of imagery. And here is our pick of EXSELLme Top 5. Enjoy discovering them and, most importantly, using them! Remember that practice makes perfect…

1. Your heart skips a beat

Something is telling me that the moment you see Brad Pitt at a restaurant in London, your heart will skip a beat (=your heart will suddenly beat faster because you feel excited or frightened)! The list of English expressions with HEART would be incomplete without this one. 

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2. Open your heart

At one point or another, we have all had a moment when we just wanted to bare it all in front of someone special. And sometimes opening your heart (=sharing your deepest innermost feelings) to someone works out for the best and they end up becoming your other half. But beware of those people who merely want to use you for information. So choose wisely who you wish to open your heart to

And to memorise the expression, please follow a simple set of rules. First of all, write it down. Then say it out loud. After that, please write down as many sentences as you can think of using this expression. Above all, you must make sure that you take time to pronounce these sentences out loud. In fact, this is the technique you can use to learn pretty much anything. And not just our English expressions with HEART.

3. Break someone’s heart

It always breaks my heart (=makes me really sad) to witness animal abuse. Dog owners are often openly cruel to their pets who remain loyal to their masters come what may.

As you can see, this expression with HEART is generally used to express sadness. Perhaps, you can try to come up with sentences describing various situations where this expression can be used? Please try!


4. Talk to someone heart-to-heart

Conflict management at work is often a matter of open communication. Why don’t you try to Talk to someone heart-to-heart (=have a serious conversation and express your feelings openly)? And then you will be surprised to see that a little conversation can go a long way in managing that conflict and making the problem go away!

What other situations can you think of where this English expression with HEART may be applicable?

5. Put your heart and soul into something

However you decide to learn English – be it through watching your favourite TV series, listening to your favourite songs, travelling to English-speaking countries and talking to native speakers of English, or simply using the grammar book – just make sure you put your heart and soul into it (= a lot of effort + determination)!!! As you can see, this expression generally refers to high levels of motivation and effort being put into a project or an endeavour.

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Be inspired.



  1. admin

    don’t forget to practise using these: writing them, saying them out loud, recording yourself saying them and then listening to the recordings – and above all ENJOY!

  2. admin

    As you can see it is not all about being romantic and writing love songs this Valentine’s week – you can learn something useful with EXSELLme. Enjoy discovering the HEART expressions.


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